The Friendly Accountant at Iris World 2020

I was extremely pleased to speak recently at Iris World 2020. This was a business conference run by Iris Software Group, who produce excellent and powerful software for accountants, solicitors and other professionals. It really is state of the art software. For a professional accountant like me, it helps to do the number-crunching quickly and efficiently, and enables me to provide a friendly and professional service to my clients. And that really is the secret. I absolutely love my gadgets and technology, but I use them in a way that helps me to provide what is simply old-fashioned good service.

For a professional, reputation is absolutely paramount. We are all looking to grow our businesses and to have happy clients and customers. A by-product of this is that fellow accountants and professionals now seek my advice about running their own businesses. In any industry, we are sometimes colleagues rather than competitors. Essentially, this is what Iris World 2020 was all about, and why I was asked to speak.

Click on this link to watch the video : Iris World 2020

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