May The Friendliness Be With You

Although I use ‘friendly accountant’ as a marketing tool, there is actually a lot of hard work behind it :-

– Being easily contactable

– Explaining things in plain English

– Being a good networker, either to help clients to grow their own businesses, or recommending goods or services when needed

If I’m being serious, then it genuinely bugs me that successive governments (of all colours) have unnecessarily over-complicated the UK tax system. HMRC can also be extremely clunky and bureaucratic. It’s my job to help small and medium-sized businesses to fight through the red-tape, so that they can grow their businesses and benefit themselves and their families. Innovative entrepreneurs need to be encouraged, not stifled !

Expressing this in a slightly lighter way, the whizz kids at Social Iceberg have produced the following video. I should also point out that I have fought and won against Darth Vader / HMRC on many occasions.

Social Iceberg

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