Awful Bank Service

You will see from today’s Daily Mail, that the Friendly Accountant has now become the Friendly Campaigning Accountant : Awful Bank Service

I am attacking this from a personal angle, I’m a bank customer myself, and I act for lots of clients who are also affected by awful bank service :-

– general poor service running simple current accounts

– poor service with loans and mortgages

– not being able to talk to someone with sufficient knowledge or expertise

In fact, in that final point, I am not really criticising the staff themselves, but the banks. All of the major banks are multinational companies and have huge resources – why can’t they train their staff properly and give a decent service to their customers ? It can be done. Why do so many people shop at John Lewis ? It’s because they look after and train their staff properly, and their staff then look after us properly. And I fully appreciate that it actually takes a lot of hard work, but when it’s done properly, you don’t really notice it. And when mistakes do happen, they sort them out quickly and efficiently.

With the banks, we’ve all got so used to awful service, that we probably take that for granted too. They’re always letting us down, and never admit that it’s their fault !!!

This is an initial blog, and I will be expanding on it when I can. In the meantime, please join in and/or claim £100 compensation like I did !!!


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